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Fitbit Ionic Blue/Burnt Orange

570,00 лв
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Fitbit Ionic - Slate Blue/Burnt Orange (FB503CPBU-EU)

579,00 лв
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Fitbit (FB503CPBU-EU) Смарт часовник Fitbit Ionic, цветен сензорен дисплей, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, до 10 часа време за работа, водоустойчив, син-оранжев

585,00 лв
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Fitbit Ionic FB503CPBU-EU (FB503CPBU-EU)

585,00 лв
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Fitbit Ionic, Slate Blue, Burnt Orange (FB503CPBU EU)

589,68 лв
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FitBit (FB503CPBU-EU) Fitbit Ionic Slate Blue Burnt Orange

618,00 лв
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Fitbit Ionic - Slate Blue/Burnt Orange (FB503CPBU-EU)

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685,00 лв
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Fitbit Ionic Watch - умен фитнес часовник с известия и следене на дневната и нощна активност на организма за iOS, Android и Windows Phone (син-сив)

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749,00 лв
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Още подобни стоки от най-популярните

Още стоки марка Fitbit: Fitbit Смарт часовници, смарт аксесоари

Тип Смарт часовник

Виждате грешка в описанието или таблицата? Сигнализирайте ни!

Fitbit Ionic - Slate Blue/Burnt Orange

Personalized guidance and insights. Your favorite songs and apps. All the features you love from Fitbit. This is the watch you’ve been waiting for.

Get real-time guidance to reach your goals

Personal Coaching
Built-in GPS
Heart Rate

Uncover long-term insights about your health

Sleep Stages
Resting Heart Rate
Cardio Fitness Level

Sensors & Components

3-axis accelerometers
Digital compass
Optical heart rate monitor
Ambient light sensor
Sensors & Components
Vibration motor

Battery and Power

The battery life is 4+ days with a GPS battery life up to 10 hours. We recommend charging your Fitbit Ionic every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Battery life and charge cycles vary with use & other factors; actual results will vary.

GPS battery life: lasts up to 10 hours
Battery type: Lithium-polymer
Charge time: One to two hours
Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0


Saves 7 days of detailed motion data – minute by minute.
Saves daily totals for past 30 days
Stores heart rate data at 1 second intervals during exercise tracking and at 5 second intervals all other times
Sample rate for GPS is 1 Hz

Water Resistance

Fitbit Ionic is water-resistant up to 50 meters and is sweat, rain and splash-proof. With any wearable device, it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean.

If the band gets wet or if you sweat in it, remove and completely dry the band before putting it back on. Give your wrist a rest by taking the band off every now and then. Learn more.

The wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches & the buckle is made from surgical-grade stainless steel.
Heart Rate

Like all heart rate tracking technologies, accuracy is affected by physiology, location of device, and different movements. Learn more about wear during workouts.
Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: -4° to 113° F
Maximum operating altitude: 30,000 feet


Fitbit Ionic syncs automatically and wirelessly to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android & Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

Syncing range: Up to 20 feet
Call and text notifications via Bluetooth 4.0
Music control via Bluetooth Classic on Android, iOS and Windows devices
Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port
Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection
Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices
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