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Homido Grab Virtual Reality Headset - очила за виртуална реалност за смартфони с iOS и Android (син)

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Тип VR очила

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Homido Grab

Built to be the smaller brother to the Homido V2 and a stronger, more robust version of of a Google Cardboard, the Homido Grab is an easy to use, intuitive and interesting take on the traditional cardboard counterpart. Going beyond user expectations the Grab is certified by Google and works with a wide variety of phones. If you compare the Homido Grab against a simpler Google Cardboard headset, you will immediately notice that the hard and rubberized shell case around the headset adds to a new layer of robustness. From feeling like your phone is in safer hands, to not worrying about getting your headset wet, the Grab is a versatile small and lightweight headset.

Due to it’s size and the nature of being a cardboard type headset, VR experiences will differ wildly depending on the user and will not be comparable to high end headsets such as the Vive or Oculus. However the Grab fits perfectly in most bags and is great for an introduction into Virtual Reality.

When looking at this headset compared to it’s more expensive counterparts, the grab will certainly lack many of the customisable features and longer term usage options, for example the Homido Grab does not have a strap to hold the headset against your face, and will need to be held inplace with your own hands.

Just like any ordinary Google Cardboard headset, the Grab can be used with most types of phones, ranging in screen size from 4.7 to 5.7 (Android, iOS and Windows). If you’re looking for a bit of variety, you’ll also be able to find it in a range of different colours.

When looking at this easy to use headset, keep in mind that it’s meant to be; a stronger, more durable and relient version of the classic Google Cardboard, not a full on replacement for all your VR needs.

General Specifications

PLATFORM : iOS, Android
LENS TYPE : Biconvex
CONTROLLER : Conductive Button
SENSORS :Smartphone Sensors

WEIGHT : 240g
MATERIAL : Plastic

Minimum Requirements

OS Virtual Reality Specification OS : iOS & Android

PHONE COMPATIBILITY L Smartphone With Gyroscope
Min. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification MIN. SCREEN SIZE : 4.5"
Max. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification MAX. SCREEN SIZE : 5.7"
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