Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

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Xiaomi (LPN4013GL) Xiaomi Ел. Везна Mi Body Composition Scale

65,24 лв
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Xiaomi Умен кантар Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

Лизинг.ДДСфактура.Оторизиран сервиз.300лв безплатна доставка

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Mi Body Composition Scale
Know yourself better with 10 precise data points
In addition to body weight, Mi Body Composition Scale provides
accurate body composition statistics that gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness.

High-precision accuracy

Understand your body better with Mi Body Composition scale which produces accurate stats via a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). Now take data-driven measures to meet your health goals.
Mi Fit app
All your health data in one place

To give you a realistic picture of your health and fitness, Mi Body Composition Scale syncs your data to Mi Fit app so that you can see all your data in one easy-to-read graph - making easier to track your progress and take control of your activities.

Sleek design with safety in mind

Designed with a sleek, strong tempered glass with high light transmittance for the main panel. To prevent slip and fall, the polished glass features anti-slip finish to ensure sturdy grip needed, even for wet feet. Its refined texture and gleaming surface is the perfect complement to any home.

300mm x 300mm x 20mm

Weight 1.6 kg
Material ABS

Weight range
5 kg - 150 kg

catties, kilograms, pounds (switchable)

Reading precision
50 g

Bluetooth 4.0

Operating ambient temperature

4x AAA batteries

Compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above.

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